The ESI way is the EASY one

On the occasion of celebrating ESI’s 20th anniversary, we have decided to align our increasingly global and innovative approach with an image that reflects these advancements.

Our values and the awareness of playing a significant role for our industries drive us to continuous improvement and innovation, not only on a technological level but also on a substantial and sustainable one, with our gaze fixed on the future and our foundations firmly rooted. This stands as a testament that ESI’s approach preserves the values and integrity of a group that evolves and updates but remains as solid as its foundations.

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Who we are

ESI is a multinational consulting company established over 20 years ago, specializing in food safety and international regulatory compliance, providing comprehensive assistance to ensure its clients’ adherence and conformity to foreign countries’ international regulations.

At the core of our everyday operations lies a strong awareness that the culture of food safety is a fundamental requirement for global competitiveness. Over the course of more than 20 years, numerous milestones have been achieved, positioning ESI as a true partner for industry sectors by supporting them through Consultation, Inspection, Audit, and Training on international regulations in a highly innovative manner.

In 2019, the International Regulatory division was integrated into the multinational company Inspection Training Auditing Group, a consultancy firm operating in over 70 countries worldwide and specializing in mandatory regulations for the food, cosmetics, and medical device industries.

This transition significantly broadened the company’s scope, ensuring clients always have an Italian interface while benefiting from regulatory offices located in their specific countries of interest. This approach allows for integrated consultancy on international food legislation, enabling ESI’s technical staff to assist you in ensuring your products comply with regulatory requirements in all of your target markets.

How We Operate

We provide international food safety regulatory solutions by combining the expertise of our staff with over 20 years of industry experience. We guide our clients in fully understanding the challenges they face while balancing regulatory compliance with product innovation.

Our global team engages daily with state and local governments, customs, and multinational industries. This daily interaction enables us to support you in your specific needs, offering:

  • A single interface in Italian.

  • Operating in 70 countries worldwide, we provide multinational regulatory consulting services.

  • Over 150 technicians on both national and global levels.

Thanks to this organizational structure, we are able to promptly, competently, and professionally address your needs, facilitating your global exports.