In the world of commercial catering, standards of food safety have been raised above national requirements.

These are guidelines and training programs created by American Institutes to ensure food safety at all stages of the process for products sold to consumer.

Why adopt these standards?

Because they ensure a higher level of knowledge of hygienic management procedures compared to national standards and are internationally recognized. This strengthens brand awareness and builds greater consumer trust.

Why choose ESI?

Because it is the first Italian consulting company with “Proctor” instructors who deliver courses in Italian, both remotely and in classrooms, for Directors, Managers, and Operators. It offers an all-Italian interface with American support for operational procedures.

The standards

icona safemark

The training program created by the Food Industry Association for Retail is used by major international brands.
Divided into 9 areas, it covers the entire organizational process of a retail operation to ensure food safety for products sold to consumers.

icona servsafe

Il programma è sviluppato dalla National Restaurant Association per la Ristorazionesi compone di un Manuale di Procedure Aziendali e Formazione che trattano dalla progettazione degli ambienti di lavoro fino allo stoccaggio di materie prime e prodotti trasformati.

icona sure

This is a new training method created by Instruis Publishing Company to support Retail and Restaurants. It includes three sections, one of which is dedicated to implementing a proactive food safety system.
An exam qualifies individuals as Prometrics Food Managers.

icona tips

This training program, developed by Health Communication Inc. for Food & Beverage operators, is designed to enhance their skills in preventing alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, preventing damage to materials and people, and improving customer service and management.

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