In some foreign countries, in order to export food products, supplements, and cosmetics, it is mandatory to register your manufacturing facility. In other cases, specific procedures are required for exporting animal products.  

In general, the procedure involves each production facility submitting an application (signed by the facility manager) to the third country to which they intend to export. Specific documentation that some countries may require must also be included.

For exports to the USA, for example, all companies that sell, distribute, package, or handle food within the United States, except for meats regulated by the USDA, MUST be registered with the FDA.

Additionally, for “Low Acid and Acidified Canned Food” – LACF, which includes acidified or low-acid products like canned and preserved foods that do not require refrigeration, a Food Canning Establishment (FCE) registration is required. For each product falling into this category, the FDA demands the Submission Identifier (SID) procedure in addition to the FCE, which involves submitting and obtaining prior approval for sterilization, pasteurization, or acidification processes. Once approval is granted, an identifying number called Submission Identifier (SID) is assigned.

In contrast, as of January 1, 2022, China has made it mandatory for foreign producers actively exporting to or intending to export their products to China to register their companies with the Chinese Customs (GACC).

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