Labeling regulations are governed in all countries with the aim of protecting consumers, who have the right to be informed about the food products they purchase and whether they correspond to the description provided on the label. Our services help prevent incorrect labeling or misleading descriptions. This is particularly important as intentionally preparing incorrect labels, thereby violating regulations, constitutes fraud and poses a threat to food safety.

Our labeling services rely on a global network of legal labeling experts. This allows us to offer a swift and timely service for the review and legal validation of labels for over 90 countries, ensuring that food industry labels comply with regulatory requirements.


The LABELING REPORT prepared by our legal experts consists of a detailed report containing recommended label revisions, product assessment, and a review of the legal requirements of the label.

The report includes evaluation and analysis of: product name, ingredient list, allergen statements, nutritional information, storage conditions, net content, country of origin, font size, claims, potential misleading aspects arising from the graphic presentation of messages, as well as the composition and accuracy of ingredient listing in comparison to technical sheets and all other mandatory requirements essential for compliance with destination countries’ regulations.

Our global network of experts assures our clients of regulatory compliance – and correct language usage – for labels in over 90 countries. This allows companies to save costs, time, and potential reputation damage due to product recalls. Our method works through the following steps:

  • Professional translations using a network of over 2000 native-speaking translators specialized in the sector

  • Preparation of a detailed report of recommended label revisions along with product assessment and legal requirements

  • Assistance from legal experts in food labeling for over 90 countries through a single Italian interface

To reduce non-compliance risk, the legal team examines labels based on criteria, including:

  • Allergen compliance

  • Composition Check

  • Claims verification

  • Identity declaration – compliance with standards/country

  • Ingredient list

  • Label layout

  • Nutritional value tables

  • Linguistic compliance

  • Font size compliance

  • Country of origin

  • Legal approval of artwork/label

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