SFCR - Safe Food for Canadians Regulation

For Italian companies that have established a subsidiary in Canada importing food products, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) apply. These regulations are designed to ensure the entry of safe products into the market for Canadian consumers.

In addition to requiring a license, the Canadian importer must provide specific documentation to trace the foreign supplier/producer and verify that they meet the same food safety requirements as Canadian companies.

Under the SFCR regulations, new responsibilities for imported products come into effect, including documentary and procedural checks aimed at ensuring that the foreign supplier produces, prepares, stores, packages, and labels the food before it is imported into Canada under the same conditions required in Canada.

Foreign suppliers must be aware of Canadian food safety requirements and be able to provide necessary documents to demonstrate that food safety controls are in place.

Why seek ESI's support?

ESI, in collaboration with the Canadian technical team, develops and implements an effective service that fully guarantees all parties involved in the process of exporting, importing, and selling food products in Canada according to prevailing food safety regulations. We conduct verifications and checks to ensure compliance with the regulations, supporting the importer in all phases of supplier evaluation, drafting Preventive Control Plans, hazard analysis, audits, training, and all procedures required by the regulations. We also support the producer in the evaluation phases.

By combining these elements, we are able to provide assurances to the Canadian importer through comprehensive and ongoing consultancy, including:

  • Offices in Italy and Europe to closely monitor producers with audits and document verification;

  • Regulatory offices in Canada to assist the importer with all food safety compliance requirements;

  • Selected Canadian partners for customs regulations, custom brokers, legal professionals/attorneys, and administrative consultants to provide valuable support to importers and new companies in Canada.

What additional services can you request?

  • Specific training as required by SFCR Part 4

  • Drafting and review of Preventive Control Plans as required by SFCR Part 4 – Preventive Controls, Division 6 – Preventive Control Plan, Section 89

  • CFIA-SFCR audits and pre-audits

  • Translation of documents in over 90 languages

  • National and international inspections

  • Additional documentation necessary for supplier evaluation and demonstrating alignment with prevailing Canadian regulations

  • Legal review of labels for 90 countries

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